Is the Market Share an automatic weekly payment?
Yes. Payments are processed weekly, so there are no upfront payments. When you sign up you will be asked to enter credit card information. You will not be charged for weeks that you place a hold on your subscription.

Can I purchase a Market Share using SNAP, WIC, and/or P-EBT?
Yes! We offer the Market Share at a special price  for anyone who receives SNAP, WIC, and/or P-EBT.  We offer the Personal Share for $6 and the Family Share for $8 per week. If you want to purchase the Market Share using SNAP, WIC, or P-EBT, you will need to create an account and specify that you would like to pay with SNAP/WIC. 

SNAP and P-EBT: Instead of paying online, You will need to have your payment processed in person at the Columbia Heights (Wednesdays) or Walter Reed (Tuesdays) Farmers Market. Please go through the check-out process so that you have an account on our website. Using this account, you can easily see what your balance is with FRESHFARM. You can also place holds on your subscription from your account. We will send out texts each week to remind you to come pick up your Market Share and tell you what will be in your bag.

WIC: You are encouraged to pay online with a credit card. You will need to create an account and input your credit card information. You will automatically be charged the discounted price each week on Fridays. You can use your account to place holds or cancel your subscription. We will send out texts each week to remind you to come pick up your Market Share and tell you what will be in your bag.

What happens to the Market Share in harsh weather conditions?
We operate in rain or shine! We do not close down due to weather conditions unless dangerous conditions are predicted. In the event that we are forced to close, we will communicate in advance via email and/or text to Market Share members.

What if I go on vacation, or need to catch up on my vegetable eating? Can I pause the Market Share subscription?
You are welcome to place a hold on your subscription any time. When you place a hold, you will not be charged for the Market Share on the days that you placed the hold. To request a skipped week, send an email to at least one week in advance 

If I can’t make it to the market to pick up my Share, can I send someone else?
Yes! If you can’t pick up your share, you may send a friend, family member, etc. to pick it up on your behalf. Just ask them to give your name when they arrive at the Market. No advance notice is necessary.

What happens if I forget to pick up my Market Share?
If you don’t show up to pick up your Market Share, you will still be charged full price. We ask that you place any necessary holds on your subscription 8 days in advance, so that our farmers and our team can plan accordingly. If you contact us about a hold less than 8 days in advance, we will not be able to refund you for your Market Share, since we have already placed an order with our farmers.

What is your cancellation policy?
If you want to terminate your subscription for the season, you may cancel your Market Share membership at no cost. To cancel your subscription, send an email to Our team will accept your cancellation request as soon as possible. Please note that if you request a cancellation less than 8 days before your next subscription is scheduled, you will be charged for that last Market Share. 

Are you going back to the reusable bags?
Not yet! We will keep you posted, but are planning on sticking with disposable bags for the 2021 season. 

What is the Social Impact Subscription?
The Social Impact subscription comes in $5 increments that you will be charged for each week in addition to your Market Share. We want to give Market Share members the opportunity to have  an even greater impact on the local food system, if they are able. Each Social Impact share contributes to approximately 15% of the cost of a discounted Family Share. Social Impact funds directly contribute to FRESHFARM’s ability to provide Shares at 30% of the retail rate to people that are often excluded from retail opportunities for fresh, locally produced food. In addition to the SNAP and WIC options available at the market, we partner with dozens of community organizations to make the Market Share available in convenient community spaces. You are welcome to add one or more $5 Social Impact shares.

I have more questions!
Please email with any questions. We do our best to respond within 24 hours Monday through Friday.