Reedville, VA

Sapidus Farms

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Sapidus Farms raises happy oysters and roasters. Each of their “happy oysters” (3+inches) and “happy roasters” (4+inches) are spawned in their happy hatchery, raised in their nursery, grown in our oyster cages, hand sorted for quality, and hand-delivered.

In addition to oysters, Sapidus also sells locally caught fin fish, hard blue crabs, soft shell blue crabs, and lump crab meat when in season. They offer two different house-made sauces to accompany their oysters; the Happy Sauce (good on oysters, salads, and fish) and a Heavy on the Horseradish Cocktail Sauce. The farm has been audited and approved by MRAG, is HACCP Certified. Sapidus has also partnered with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and is are a member of the advisory board at Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences.

“We love what we do! We love sharing the benefits of aquaculture with others, cleaning the bay, and supporting our community.”