Farmer Training and Support

FRESHFARM provides training & support for farmers in our network through our GROW Network and Farmer Fund

The FRESHFARM GROW Network: Accelerating Success at Market is a 9-month program that supports farmers in building business development skills through social media, marketing, accessing grants and loans, or improved labor management and improving agricultural practices through increased efficiency or production capacity on the farm. 

We are currently accepting farmers selling at FRESHFARM markets to participate in the GROW Network, either in 2020 or 2021. Reach out to Gary Hall, Farmer & Producer Engagement Manager ( to learn more about participating in our GROW Network.

Through the Jean Wallace Douglas Farmer Fund, FRESHFARM supports new and innovative farmers with grants for technical training, farm improvements, attendance at professional conferences, and connections to professional networks. We partner with Small Business Development Centers, the Conservation Fund, and Kiva to help farmers access business skills training, gain GAP food-safety certifications, and access zero-interest loans to improve their businesses.

Apply for the FRESHFARM  Farmer Fund

Note: The Farmer Fund operates on a limited budget and the application process is competitive. Applications are approved on a case-by-case basis, and priority is given to applicants who have not previously received funding from this program. Applicants must follow the correct application procedure. While we do reimburse receipts after events occur, we need to receive your application in advance of the event so we can determine whether or not it can be approved, then properly allocate future funds for the expected date of reimbursement.

Through the Farmer Fund grant program you provided me an opportunity to fulfill a dream. To learn how to make cheese from some of the best in the business.

Ned Atwater