Investing in Our Food Future

The Growth Campaign

The FRESHFARM Growth Campaign will allow us to scale and expand what we know how to do best.

Since 1997, we’ve helped create food access for thousands of families and communities across Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia; provided food education for the next generation of food advocates, and exponentially grown economic opportunity for farmers in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Join the Growth Campaign and equip FRESHFARM to expand our impact over the next five years by:

  • Generating at least $120 million in revenue for FRESHFARM farmers, ranchers, and food producers in the MidAtlantic region.
  • Delivering $5 million worth of local produce to over 100 schools and community organizations benefiting more than 10,000 individuals.
  • Reaching 10,000 children and 30 DC public elementary schools with our food education program, FoodPrints.
  • Offering at least $5.5 million in benefits and incentives at our farmers markets so that food insecure families can enjoy fresh, healthy produce.

The future of a more equitable food system stands before us. Help us reach it.

Our Compass

A food system that works for everyone

We invite you to join FRESHFARM in building a food system that works for everyone. 

At FRESHFARM, we are confident that a future where our regional food system is equitable and beneficial for everyone and the environment is possible.

  • Where every farmer—especially farmers of color—cultivates the land sustainably and creates generational wealth;
  • Where communities have convenient access to wholesome local foods that bring them together at the table;
  • Where every child finds nourishment in fresh food and becomes a conscious eater and land steward.

The FRESHFARM Growth Campaign will enable us to expand and scale our impact so that we can continue to positively transform the food system that feeds us all.

Let’s sow our food future together!


When you give to Fresh Farm you are transforming the food system so that it prioritizes consumers, producers, and the environment.


Case for Support

Sowing our food future

With your support, FRESHFARM is able to create food access, economic development, and thriving communities through hands-on education, farmers markets, and food distribution programs.

Alongside our supporters, FRESHFARM has tackled the most pressing issues within our regional food system, striving to create a future where food nourishes people and bolsters local economies.

Through comprehensive programming, regional presence, and our capacity to lead coalitions and empower communities, we drive lasting change across the food system.

Our work includes:

  • Farmers markets & farm stands
  • Food Access programs
  • Food Distribution
  • Food Education
  • Community Engagement
The Potential To Transform the Food System Is Extraordinary.
Join us, and together we can change the way people relate to food.



Be the Change that drives the future

The Growth Campaign is one of FRESHFARM’s most important endeavors of the last few years. This Campaign will bring FRESHFARM to new heights, enabling us to scale and expand our impact in the Mid-Atlantic region.

The Campaign Committee is composed of a group of individuals with diverse backgrounds and professions, as well as a proven track record of their passion and commitment to building an equitable food system that nourishes everyone.

Campaign Committee

Susan Buffone

Ana Greenstein

Andrew Knutson


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Let's Sow our Food Future Together

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